The Owlbear and Wizard’s Staff 3: Adventuring in the Aether. 18th-20th September 2020. Autumnal Update!

With Birmingham and Oxford teetering on the edge of a further lockdown, and Leamington neatly between, I’ve decided to keep The Owlbear and Wizard’s Staff wholly virtual this year.

For the virtual event, on the 18th September we’re kindly opening The Owlbar at The Mitchener Arms for a beer and curry on Friday night, and being hosted by the gracious Paul Mitchener @TheTweedmeister . We then have three gaming slots on Saturday 19th (10am-1.30pm, 2.30pm-6pm; 7.30pm-11pm) and have lots of games on Warhorn for people to book into. Not many slots left so more GMs always welcome Some great games including Liminal, Cthulhu Dark, Star Trek Adventures Klingons, Conan, Legend of the Five Rings, Dungeon Crawl Classics, and Dying Earth.

On the 20th, we’re going to have a RPG seminar/panel and I’m delighted to say we’ve got Chris Birch and Lloyd Gyan from Modiphius and Cat Tobin and Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan from Pelgrane lined up.

A big thanks to Paul @spookshow71 for his excellent art for this year’s event.

Link to the Warhorn page is

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